Skye Beech

Skye Beech

Being in partnership with Alexander certainly has its ups and downs! Everyday is different, interesting and challenging, however I would not change this at all. Watching Alex succeed in all he does is fantastic. I am so glad to be a part of his salon and the team.

Going back to basics, I first started out in hairdressing at the age of 15 years. I completed my initial training at Mark Hill in Kirkella. Mark gave me much inspiration and encouraged me with his time and efforts that really has made me the stylist I am today. Working alongside Alex also has kept me on my toes and keen to do well.

I chose the career path of hairdressing because I had always been very creative as a child and as I grew up I found it very easy to meet people and be sociable.

Like many careers, certain things make a lot of difference to people's lives. Hairdressing is one of them. Most people think the role of a doctor, nurse, physician etc has a big impact to your life, but just as important so does a hairdressing role.

Seeing my clients leave the salon content and happy is very rewarding. Often clients will arrive into the salon with many problems to share but upon leaving the salon, a different picture/outlook is given. A smile can say a lot!

My biggest achievement to date would be to compliment myself on building up the business with Alexander from scratch and to have had such success with the team I have put together over the years.

Although Mark Hill gave me much inspiration in my youth, nowadays I would have to say Vidal Sassoon keeps me interested and focused in my career.

I am so proud to be a part of such a fabulous team here within the salon, its like one big happy family - perfect!

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